Lutron Lighting, Shades, and Climate Control

Home Theater San Diego uses Lutron lighting and Shades to enhance your living experiences. Lighting is the key to enhancing a room or environment. Think about Brightening or dimming light in any room with just the push of a button, it can change the feel or look of your living area. Hear something outside, how about a button push from your remote to lock all your doors. A simple push of the button can change your room temperature, or adjust the shades in your room. We can adjust your home to react to you and your lifestyle, all while saving energy and simplifying your daily routine. Set the mood in a room or just keep the house cool, the options are endless.


lighting automation

Lutron is a company started back in 1950 by a physicist named Joel Spira. Joel was so fascinated by the effects that the aesthetic manipulation of light had on transforming indoor environments as well as human emotion it led to the invention of a device that would allow people to control the light within the environment of their own home. With one key invention the dimmer, he and his wife Ruth Spira took Lutron from their makeshift lab in New York City and turned it into what is known today as the world’s most innovative lighting, shade, and home control solutions product inventor.


Personalized Light Control

Make lighting about your home and your lifestyle by personalizing how you utilize the light in a room.

Create lighting “scenes” by controlling multiple lights in a room, such as a kitchen. Adjust overhead, under cabinet, and sink lights with the touch of a button for food preparation, dining, or clean-up. In your bedroom, turn on a reading light and close the drapes from your bedside or transform a family room into a home theater experience.

Home Control Solutions for ANY Living Space

Today, you can control and integrate just about anything in your home with the solutions Lutron provides. With Lutron total home control you can control your lights, shades, and temperature at the touch of one button. The experience that Lutron brings into your home is both seamless and peaceful in that you as a homeowner have the power of convenience at your fingertips to control your home’s environment anytime, anywhere and from ANY DEVICE.

So, if you are wondering if a Lutron lighting system makes sense for you remember, today’s home technology allows any person to add the pleasurable conveniences of lighting, shade, and climate control without having to go through a huge retrofit to get your system up and running. Today Lutron offers home control solutions that include simple one-room systems or total home control.

With Lutron lighting, shade, and climate control solutions, you have the freedom to personalize ANY space with either a single room solution that delivers just the right touch or the power to transform every single room in your home. Whether you are looking to add a little romance to your life or you want to have the power of controlling your entire environment, starting with one of Lutron’s solutions will help you get there.

What is Lighting Control?

Lutron Lighting control allows you to control each and every detail of your environment. Lutron Lighting control allows you to create scenes used to bring out every little detail of your home or to set the perfect lighting level for any activity. Imagine coming home and with the touch of a button, your environment is instantly transformed and personally designed for the way you live… dim the lights as you leave or set the brightness levels as you return home with a one-touch command. These are just a few of the features automated lighting control can deliver.


Seamless integration of technology into your home. Our lighting and shade control systems can be combined with audio, video, security, and HVAC. From simple integration with a single system to sophisticated high-level incorporation, Home Theater San Diego designs its controls to work reliably and intuitively with other systems in your home or business.