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Whole House Audio Video

Whole house audio video,

Whole House Audio video refers to a centralized AV system, making your life easier for control and automation. Home Theater San Diego will design your custom Audio Video system, to direct music and video signals throughout your home. With Home Automation and the AV system centralized, the only visible components in each room will be speakers and 4K TV screens. Your Audio Video system Control is made complete by a handheld remote or wall mounted control panel. With centralized components, Audio Video systems can either be hidden away in a closet, or mounted in an impressive rack to display in your living room. (Some systems may consist of  DVDs and CD players located stand alone in various rooms for convenience. If centrally configured, these DVDs and Media players can be viewed or listened to as Whole house Audio Video in any room.) Sonos  home theater systems, or Sonos whole home audio is a wireless audio system controlled from Iphone, Ipad or other wireless devices.

There are many ways of configuring a Whole House Audio Video system. We will determine best locations with our FREE on site walk through. Home Theater San Diego will help you choose the method that best suits your needs and budget.