Universal Remote Controls

Universal remote controls come in all shapes and sizes, with promises to make your life easier. Home Theater San Diego has been programming remotes for over 15 years and can help direct you in the right direction. Universal Remotes by URC is a great brand for entry level installations that we use almost every week for home owners, RTI or Remote technology is our go to brand for most home theater and Audio Video Installations, whether its residential or commercial. Due to its robust programming capabilities and cost effective solutions this would be our most used remote control brand sold.

Elan Home Systems is our premier universal remote control system with the most simple and easy to use solutions, they have made there platform a true one button push but are limited by the devices they work with. They also offer Whole Home Automation For The Price Of A Universal Remote. I say not really but that is what they advertise. Whatever you decide we are hear to help you choose the right Universal Remote control for you home or work solution. Give us a call today for your FREE consultation.