Video Camera and Surveillance

One of the biggest benefits of a smart home is knowing what’s going on when you’re not actually there. Whether you’re checking in on your kids, pets, or a handyman, a home security camera is a great tool for keeping an eye on things from afar.

From a single camera above the cash register to hidden cameras sweeping every blind spot of your property, Home Theater San Diego is your pro using cutting-edge technology to protect your business or home around the clock. Surveillance cameras allow you to monitor what’s going on in your home or business whether live or recorded video. Camera capabilities vary between devices, and not all cameras are created equally. At Home Theater San Diego we’ve tested the best home surveillance cameras over the years, so we know what to look for. Usually, you want a camera that’s simple to set up and use. Device support is critical as well. Our favorite cameras allow you to check in from anywhere, whether it’s an app on your phone or a Web browser. Here are some other important factors to consider when buying a home security camera system.

What do you want to see with your video surveillance system?

Our experts will likely ask you the following questions when designing your video surveillance system. Take a look and take a minute to think about what you are looking for…

The View

Besides resolution, consider the view as well. All security cameras have wide-angle lenses, but not all angles are created equal. Depending on the lens’ field of view, it can see between 100 and 180 degrees. If you want to watch a large area, you should consider a camera with a very wide field of view.

The more megapixels a camera sensor has, the more you can digitally zoom in and still see things clearly. Even though 1080p is the standard resolution for cameras we’ve tested, you won’t find  4K any time soon, there are benefits to cameras with higher resolution. Few home security cameras have optical zoom lenses, but almost all have digital zoom, which crops and enlarge whatever the camera is recording.



Placement if you want to keep an eye on your driveway, backyard, or front porch, Home Theater San Diego will help you choose the best options. Not all home security cameras are rugged enough to be mounted outdoors and that is why they make indoor or outdoor series of cameras. If you need a camera that’s waterproof and can stand up to rain, snow, and sun, or extreme temperatures of summer and winter. Say you just want to keep an eye on the rooms of your home, there are plenty of options. Home theater San Diego will help you with the best placement in your home or business.


Home theater San Diego prides itself on solid Wi-Fi.  For most cameras, we set them up on your network allowing you to connect on an app to them through your home network once set up. When your camera is connected, you’ll certainly be able to access it through your smartphone or tablet. The majority of home security cameras we use today have mobile apps and focus entirely on those apps for daily use. Some have Web portals as well, which add flexibility for accessing your videos and alerts from anywhere.

Cloud Storage

The videos your camera records won’t be stored on the camera itself. Most generic home security cameras use cloud services to store and offer remote access to footage. Some models have microSD card slots, but Home theater San Diego’s most common is a DVR or NVR that we will set up on-site so you can access it from anywhere without the monthly fees of cloud storage. Or the nightmare of lost footage when you need it most.


Security/ Surveillance Prices

 With so many Cameras and surveillance options out there let Home Theater San Diego help you decide on the right security solution for your home or business. So many home security cameras on the market are roughly in the $200 range, but some of them also require an additional fee to store recorded video in the cloud. We break down the pros and cons and help you find which one fits your needs and budget. Then again, can you put a price on peace of mind?

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