Boost Energy Efficiency With Lighting Control

Boost Your Businesses Energy Efficiency With Lighting Control

Find Out How Custom Lighting Can Impact Your Office’s Energy Consumption

How Your Business Can Boost Energy Efficiency With Lighting Control

Does boosting your business’ energy efficiency sound appealing to you?

Not only could it save your business on energy consumption costs, but you also can take pride in owning an environmentally friendly operation.

If you aren’t sure where to start, though, we’re here to help.

As custom technology experts, the AV Specialists team can provide your San Diego, CA office with an energy-saving solution: Lighting control.

How can smart lighting be an energy-efficient addition to your business? Keep reading to find out!

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An immediate way to change the way your business consumes energy is through reevaluating the lights in your office.

Are you using fluorescent or incandescent bulbs? If so, chances are you’re spending far more on energy than you need to be.

The immediate fix is to switch to LED bulbs.

Not only can they use nearly 80 percent less energy than a typical incandescent bulb, but they also can last up to 25 times longer.

And that’s just one bulb. Consider how efficient an entire LED lighting solution could be for your business.


LumaStream is a low voltage LED lighting system. It solves all the technical issues with using LEDs and low voltage wiring in order to reduce lighting consumption by 80 percent. Through using a whole-office, low-voltage LED system such as Lumastream, your office can save significantly on energy usage while enhancing the look and feel of the space with customizable LEDs.

From the moment you turn on your workspace’s lights, you’ll already be saving money.


When your workplace showcases smart lighting control, you’ll never have to worry about lights unnecessarily remaining on during non-business hours.

A professionally installed lighting system can include sensors, for example, that can automatically turn off lights when a room is unoccupied. You even can set timers for lights to turn on and off at specific times of the day.

But with custom technology control, you also can manage your business’ lighting from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet – even when you’re at home or away from the workplace.

Just log into your control application and view the status of every light in your workspace. If you notice one was left on after business hours, simply turn it off. Or turn off every light with just the press of a button.

With intelligent control and automation, you can ensure you won’t be unnecessarily spending energy on lighting your business.

Do you think your office or workspace in the St. Petersburg area might benefit from a lighting control system?

Reach out to us by clicking the button below, and we can develop a custom solution for your business!

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