Network Cabling San Diego

Network Cabling San Diego


The Best HOME NETWORKING SYSTEMS start with Great Wiring

If you’re a builder in the Coronado, CA  then you’re facing a lot of competition. So many new builds start with, exceptional engineering and home design to help you stand out from the competition. Today’s modern home buyer wants the best products and to know that their property is prepared for the most recent technologies–which includes the use of wireless devices. Implementing a robust wireless home networking system begins with quality wiring. Don’t waste your time trying to learn about the latest pre-wiring for new construction. We are the industry experts!


A reliable home network is a necessity, no longer a luxury. With so many wireless devices and options,  streaming audio and video, options for people working remotely. New homeowners expect to have swift access to the digital world in and away from their home. A solid network is key for a reliable home automation system, where most of the technologies rely on a wireless network connection.


 Pre-Wiring is the most important piece before equipment that help homeowners achieve a powerful wireless network:

  • Router: A router connects directly to the internet cable layed out in our Pre-Wire and transmits a wireless signal that can be picked up by the homeowner’s devices. Use of a good router is key to a trouble free  Wi-Fi system.
  • Access Points: Are For larger homes or buildings with architectural barriers that block the network signal, one router transmitting the Wi-Fi signal is usually not enough. Use of multiple access points can create a mesh network helping homeowners extend signals to more areas–or even outside.
  • Network Security: With a strong network is a secure one. Taking the time to safeguard a network and its connection ensures Wi-Fi use for the homeowner.

With even a simple network, each residence or building requires a unique networking plan. Partnering with Home Theater San Diego, as a networking professional we will help you implement the necessary conditions for robust Wi-Fi.

Network Wiring Basics

Like A riddle a wireless system relies on wiring. The most important piece of hardware is the router that transmits the wireless signal in the home to devices. This router is attached to an incoming solid wire cable. The location of the router is very important; it should be centralized in the building. The router needs to be central to its working devices so transmission of WiFi is not lost.

To add value, many individual devices require a direct connection, any device that is streaming 4K picture. with Pre-Wiring CAT 5e or CAT 6 cables to be included in a media room, home theaters, or even bedrooms. Even though most homeowners don’t currently have these devices, they will appreciate that their home is prepared for when they do.


As  A professional pre-wire contractor Home Theater San Diego can provide  documentation that lays out precisely what wires need to be behind each wall. Not only will this be helpful during construction, but homeowners find value and will appreciate this documentation when they are considering a large purchase.


Network Cabling San Diego, with so many choices in network cabling in San Diego you should consult with the pros before making costly decisions. Home Theater San Diego will walk you through the process and help you choose the right wiring and system to compliment your building and needs. Network cabling can be for a new home build or a corporate office infrastructure, making life easier. Network cabling can make or break your infrastructure needs and ability to expand in the future.  Give us a call today for your FREE estimate.

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